How to Market to Gen Z? – The Consumer

Gen Z, Talk to Me!



Gen Z- The Consumer

The personal computer (and now the smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, you get the picture) have allowed our generation to look at purchasing in a new light. We no longer only see products on TV, we can find and buy the products we love, the best ones at that, without leaving the comfort of our own home. This makes marketing to Gen Z a different game. We can find any product we need, so having advertisements shoved down our throat is unappealing. Buying the product is no longer the satisfaction of the purchase, but rather finding the product to begin with

Picture this: You’re in a clothing store and the size you try on doesn’t fit right. You give the item to a store clerk and ask them for the next size up. The store is all out of that size so she brings you a similar item…

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