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Apple Camp

Kids ages 8 to 12 can expand their digital creativity through hands-on projects at Apple. Campers choose one of three tracks, then spend 90 minutes a day for three days at a local Apple Store immersed in their chosen subject.





  • Coding with Sphero Robots

    Kids ages 8-12 will learn how to solve problems logically through the fundamentals of code.

  • Beat Making and Songwriting with GarageBand

    Kids ages 8-12 will discover how to create beats and build their own songs using GarageBand on iPad.

  • Telling Stories with Clips

    In this three-day session, kids ages 8-12 will explore how to tell stories with video using the Clips app.



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Did you miss the Valentine’s Day reading of Prince Garrett and the Land of EGOS?  No Worries, it’s story gift that keeps of giving.

Here’s the setting: Prince Garrett receives a telescope for his birthday and discovers the distant land of Egos. He and Chef set out for their next adventure and discover things are not always as they seem.


This tale is filled with gratefulness,  discovery and it has rhythm and meaning that pulls you in one page at a time.   Prince Garrett and the Land of EGOS hits Spring 2017!

Check out the read aloud.



Casting Call of The Beautiful Book of Possibilities!

On Casting Call in New York City

The Beautiful Book of Possibilities!

The Musical

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Looking for all nationalities and ages from age 18-80
• Actors
• Singers
• Dancers

Send photo or video to: JANNIE.PILGRIM@THEDEALFM.COM or


Prince Garrett: A young prince, full of possibility and optimism, whose playful spirit leads him to seek adventures. You can always find him with his faithful canine companion, Zeus, affectionately called Zuzu.

Mr. Bull Frog: A robust frog, the King of the Pond in Milford Forest.

Mother Oak Tree: A grand, wise oak with hundreds of years of wisdom and experience. She often humors Prince Garrett but has the utmost respect for the young prince and the forest, as a whole. Her philosophy for longevity in life is, “One should bend, but not break.”

Beautiful Butterfly: Also known as BeBe, this majestic butterfly is descended from royalty, but she humbly understands sometimes there must be a struggle in order to break free of what is holding us back.

Chef: A sage (wise man) who provides Prince Garrett with guidance to help him make sound decisions.

No Neck: A wisecracking frog from Pilgrim’s Palm in Milford Forest.

Dim Wit: A not-so-bright frog from Pilgrim’s Palm in Milford Forest.

Bug Eye: A playful frog from Pilgrim’s Palm in Milford Forest.

Doubting Thomas: A negative elf-like character in Milford Forest.

Mo Moth: Beautiful Butterfly’s great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. Through his determination, all butterflies were created.

Band of Moths: Group of 5 – 10 moths.

Luna Moth: Mo Moth’s Cousin 1. (Has a solo dance number.)

Silky Moth: Mo Moth’s Cousin 2.

Twenty Froggies: A group of dancing frogs.


Based on the book, The Beautiful Book of Possibilities by Jannie Pilgrim.


Contact: or


Know the stroy, discover the possibilites!

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Prince Garrett’s Youtube Channel

YouTube Prince Garrett

I’m excited about Prince Garrett’s Youtube Channel!

Prince Garrett’s Channel is where ROYAL FANS can check out videos and adventures of Garrett Land.  PG’s Channel is a nice addition to the Prince Garrett multimedia series. Now kids can read books, listen to the music of Garrett Land, play games, and now check out videos housed in one place.  Check out Prince Garrett and friends for yourself – It’s easy, breezy, lemon squeezy!

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Children’s book, “No Matter What!” reinforces self-esteem and helps fight bullying!

Prince Garrett Wall

AUGUST 29, 20016

Contact: Jannie Pilgrim, Author


Book Cover No Matter What

As children get ready for their first day of school, some may get the jitters. “No Matter What!”, allows parents to begin empowering their children with words of encouragement, inspiration, and support.

It is especially critical that children begin to understand their worth, as bullying is on the rise. The topic of bullying can be challenging to say the least. What we hope to foster, is a safe environment for children that provides a feeling of empowerment. This can provide the will to help children speak out against bullying in their community, and it’s just in time for back to school.

Jannie herself  faced bullying as a child, and felt that she could not speak out against it.  She said, “I felt like I didn’t have a voice.” The subject of bullying still hits close to home Pilgrim says, sharing that bullying has also affected her nephew, causing him deep depression at times. She wants to be part of the solution.  In addition to writing, “No Matter What!” and “The Beautiful Book of Possibilities”, she has authored four other books within the series, and began working with schools to create and deliver anti-bullying programs.  The programs are entitled BE A HERO!


Jannie Pilgrim, the author of “No Matter What!” and the Prince Garrett series of books, has a vision to create a world where children’s thoughts center on possibility!  When a child is faced with adversity like bullying, she or he will inherently know that they have the power to affect change. Prince Garrett inspires the ability to tap into that potential, along with hope, vision, and a sense of worth.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jannie Pilgrim holds a Master’s of Science in Human Resources and a Postgraduate degree in Training and Development from the Milano Graduate School of The New School University. With 15+ years experience in Human Resources, Project Management, Talent Acquisition, and Training and Development, Jannie has worked for several Fortune 500 companies. These would include Standard & Poor’s, and New York Life.  Jannie launched The Prince Garrett Series in 2012, and has written six books. The titles include: “Breakfast for a Prince”, “The Prince Garrett’s Journal”, “How the Moth Turned into a Butterfly”, “The Beautiful Book of Possibilities”, “A Prince Garrett Christmas”, and the newest book, “No Matter What!”.

NOTES TO EDITOR: For press inquiries, including promotional photos, interviews, and requests for review copies, please call (917) 750-1738 or email

ENDS“No Matter What!” is published by The Deal Press, a division of The Deal, LLCPicture Book $11.85 on Amazon • ISBN: 9780991569410 

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