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We too often pass people every day.  There use to be a time when we greeted someone we don’t know with a nod of the head or by saying good morning. Over the last few days, I’ve been greeting so…
The dog that inspired the Series!  Yes, Zeus is a real dog.  He’s been around for a while now…about 13 years.  He and Garrett still pal around. Although, now he’s not a big fan of the horse play. …
Welcome to the Wonderful world of Prince Garrett, where everything is possible!  Add the Prince Garrett Series to your back to school reading list and discover that breakfast, is not just for a prince and How Moths turned into butterflies.…
“Possible, Everything is Possible” is the ALL inspiring sing-along-song, letting children of ALL ages know what’s possible. This video is adorable and makes you want to shout, POSSIBLE, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)
Breakfasts for a Prince, delights the mind, curiosity and the stomach of a child. A great book to add to your child’s reading collection.   Get your copy today!