Did you miss the Valentine’s Day reading of Prince Garrett and the Land of EGOS?  No Worries, it’s story gift that keeps of giving.

Here’s the setting: Prince Garrett receives a telescope for his birthday and discovers the distant land of Egos. He and Chef set out for their next adventure and discover things are not always as they seem.


This tale is filled with gratefulness,  discovery and it has rhythm and meaning that pulls you in one page at a time.   Prince Garrett and the Land of EGOS hits Spring 2017!

Check out the read aloud.


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Prince Garrett’s Youtube Channel

YouTube Prince Garrett

I’m excited about Prince Garrett’s Youtube Channel!

Prince Garrett’s Channel is where ROYAL FANS can check out videos and adventures of Garrett Land.  PG’s Channel is a nice addition to the Prince Garrett multimedia series. Now kids can read books, listen to the music of Garrett Land, play games, and now check out videos housed in one place.  Check out Prince Garrett and friends for yourself – It’s easy, breezy, lemon squeezy!

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Who Are the Royals?

walking back to the castleWho are the Royals?  I’m glad you asked. The Royals are a group of loyal fans of Prince Garrett. There is no strict definition of loyal fans for the Prince Garrett monarchy.  It includes, boys, girls, mothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, aunties, friends and everyone in between.  In Garrett Land here is the list of the Royals:

Prince Garrett

King James: Father of Prince Garrett

The Queen: Mother of Prince Garrett

Magus: Prince’s Garrett Cousin

Duchess Gigi: The Prince’s Aunt

The Royal Fans:

You: The Loyal Friends and Fans of Prince Garrett and Garrett Land

Chef: Prince Garrett Chef, friend, confidant, and teacher

Grace: Prince Garrett’s friend

Michael: Prince Garrett’s friend

Mr. Bullfrog: Prince Garrett’s friend

Mother Oak Tree: Prince Garrett’s friend

Beautiful Butterfly: Prince Garrett’s friend


Prince Garrett’s royals can choose different names to represent their royal status or personality. Here are a few titles and characteristics to choose from:

  • Count
  • Countess
  • Duchess
  • Duke
  • Elder
  • Esquire
  • Gentleman
  • Grace
  • Knight
  • Lady
  • Noble

Here’s how it works… add one or two of these titles in front of your name.  It will look something like this:

  • Lady Ava
  • Gentleman James
  • Duke Hunter
  • Duchess Zoe
  • Count Jackson
  • Countess Catherine
  • Elder Elise
  • Elder Eddie
  • Noble or Nobleman Reggie
  • Noblewoman Leiah

Using two royal titles:

  • Count Esquire Malik
  • Lady Grace JazminScreen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.54.22 AM
  • Noble Duke Noah
  • Duchess Elder Bayla
  • Gentleman Elder Samuel
  • Noble Countess Aala
  • Elder Noble Maalik
  • Grace countess Bae
  • Duke Night Dae


Are you ready to choose your name? Well get started and be sure to let me know what name you choose by sending in your new royal name.



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Prince Garrett and the Magic Thanksgiving Box

Prince Garrett and Chef were in the royal kitchen putting together a shopping list for Chef’s visit to the International French Town Market.

Milford Forest
Milford Forest

“Turkey, cranberries, shallots, sweet potato, wild turkey, greens, french bread, freshly churned butter…” said the Prince as he recited the shopping list.  After a pause, the Prince asked,  “Chef, would you reconsider me joining you on your shopping trip to French Town?”

“I’m sorry, but royalty does not patronize local shops,” said Chef.  “But why?” the Prince asked with a long face.  “It’s just not proper,” said Chef.

“There are local towns people at the shop, right Chef?”, asked the Prince.  Chef nodded his head in agreement and continued to review the shopping list.  “Well, one day I will be lord of the towns people…, shouldn’t I know who they are?  Shouldn’t I be among the people? If one day I am to be king – then the people should feel that I walk among them, and I should not be set apart from them.  Isn’t that correct?” asked Prince Garrett.

Chef, scratching his head said, “This is quite unprecedented.” “un·prec·e·dent·ed?” asked the Prince.  Yes, it’s never been done before.  “There is always the first time for everything,” said the Prince.

page13“Hmmm. Okay, just this one time we will make an exception.  We will have to take the royal solders in the event the crowds get overly active,” said Chef.  “Okay, but can they wear plain clothing so that it does not look like we are hanging with armed guards?” asked the Prince. 

That settles it, you may come with me to the royal market, the guards shall accompany us, and they ‘will’ be wearing their uniforms.

As Chef, Prince Garrett and the guards entered the International Market in French Town, the Prince’s eyes were wide with amazement. To see so many people dressed in their different native garb was exciting. The smells of different foods from around the world tickled the Prince’s nose, and made his taste buds water.  “Mmmmm, something sure smells good,” the prince shouted.  Chef was pleased by the Prince’s reaction.

In addition to food, there were all sorts of fair, hanging in the store windows. There was one store in particular that caught his attention.  As he looked closer, he saw two familiar faces. It was Grace and Michael.

Excited to see them, Prince Garrett jumped out of the royal cart to the window where his friends were standing.  “Prince Garrett, Grace shouted!”  Before they knew it all eyes were on them. Calmly, Chef began walking toward the children. By the time he reached them, all heads were bowed, and a chorus of salutations were greeting the young Prince.  Prince Garrett smiled and stood upright just as he had been taught. He smiled at the town’s people and said in his most royal voice  “Good afternoon.”  He then greeted a few boys and girls that were about his age.  He, Grace, Michael, and Chef entered the shop to provide some distance from the crowd that had gathered. The soldiers stood guard outside.

Once inside, the shop keeper pulled the shades so the children could have some privacy.  Immediately, Grace, Michael and Prince Garrett embraced and squealed with excitement.  “What are you doing here?” asked Grace.  “I begged Chef to allow me to come shopping with him, replied the Prince.  Just then, Michael walked up to Prince Garrett, looked around, and give him the secret handshake.  They both giggled of the silliness of it all.

After they stopped laughing, they looked around and saw many strange gadgets and objects.  Grace looked above their heads and read the sign aloud, “Marko’s Magic Emporium.”

Well that explains it said Michael. They continued to look around the quite dimly lit store. One item was more strange than the next. They saw magic wands of all shapes and sizes, crystal balls of all colors and spheres, and sharply pointed hats.

Beside them stood a large rectangular shaped crate labeled, Pandora’s Box.  Grace saidimages-1, “Do not open that one Prince!  Do you know the story of Pandora?  She opened up the box, and in turn released bad things into the land.”  “She also, released good things.” said Michael.  “Do you want to take that chance?” asked Grace.  The suspense was killing him…he had to open the box.  They all took a deep breath, closed their eyes, and watched as Prince Garrett opened the box. Dressed in full sorcerer’s regalia, out popped Magus, the Prince’s cousin.

After catching their breath, they all asked at once, “What were you doing in there?”  Hunched over in laughter, and still trying to catch his own breath, Magus exclaimed, “I saw you coming in from the store window and I hid.”  “You surprised us!” said Michael.  “Well… it seems, Pandora’s box does let evil into the world,” said Grace.  Grace, Michael and Prince Garrett, looked at each other and laughed at the thought of Magus being a mystical ‘bad creature’ from Pandora’s box.

“This place is Great,” said Magus.  “I come here to discover the latest in wizardry.  I plan on preforming a great act after Thanksgiving dinner.”  Under her breath, Grace said, “I don’t want to be anywhere near that.” In her mind, she remembered Magus’ last great act that turned her and the Prince into rolls of toilet paper.

Trying to hide the sad look on his face, Michael trailed off.  “What’s wrong Michael?” the Prince asked.  “Nothing really. When Magus mentioned Thanksgiving, I thought of my own father.  He’s out to sea with your dad, the King, and I have not heard from him in months.  I hope he’s okay,” Michael said.

“I can always send word to my father and ask him about the whereabouts of your dad.  “Would you?” Michael asked sounding slightly more cheerful.  “Sure I will…I’m sure he’s fine,” assured the Prince.

“He’s been away for a while – without any word.  My mom doesn’t say much, but I know she’s worried too,” Michael confided in the Prince.  “Sometimes it gets hard when we don’t hear from him, especially around the holidays and now Thanksgiving is coming up. This has been the longest stretch of time that we have not heard from him,” Michael mentioned with glassy eyes.

Interrupted with the question, “May I help you your highness?  The children turned around and Prince Garrett answered, “We are just browsing.”

The old man with long white hair and beard said, “Perhaps I can show you around.”

Hugo the shop owner  led the children to a locked glass cabinet containing a glowing crystal ball, some gold medallions with strange writing on them, and a plain wooden box with a slot in the top. Unlocking the cabinet, he reached inside and took out imagesthe box. Just as the children gathered around the box, Chef returned to the room with a book he had purchased.  The boxed had words on top that said Thanksgiving.

“What is it?” the children asked?

It’s a hollow box of Thanksgiving.  “How does it work?” asked  Michael.   The box has to be filled with the things you are thankful for. First you are thankful, then you receive, said the shop owner.   Write down what you are thankful for on a small piece of paper and deposit it in the slot—” said the shop keeper.

“How can being thankful for what I have not received, get me the things I want to receive?” asked Michael.

“Ah, that is a very good question,” said Chef. “You see, the key is to give thanks for all things.  The power of gratefulness is to be thankful in advance of receiving it.   Your gratitude will influence your attitude and provide a path to your hearts true desires.

“Is this some sort of trick?” asked Michael.  “Is it magic”, asked Magus?  It’s no trick and it’s not magic.  Then Chef said, “for where your thanks givings are, your heart will be also.”

The shop keeper added, “writing the thank you note is part of the process, what really matters is what’s in your heart.”

“There is not much to the box,” Grace said holding it in her hands for a closer look.

“How much is it?” asked Miguel. “Ten silver coins,” replied Grace, looking at the price tag on the bottom of the box.

“That’s a lot money.  “Can I try it out first?” asked Michael – knowing the price was out of his reach.

“Certainly,” said Marko. “Here is a pen and paper. Remember, don’t tell anyone what you desire or let them see what you write.”

Michael wrote on the note and placed it in the open slot of the box.  “Is there anymore I should do to make this work?” as Michael.

“No, just maintain your gratitude, that’s all”, said the shopkeeper.

“How long do I have to wait?” asked Michael.

“As long as it takes,” Marko remarked.  Instantly, Michael began to lose faith in the ability to gain his heart’s desire.  ‘As long as it takes,’ sounded like a lifetime of waiting.

Seeing Michael’s expression, Prince Garrett said, “Don’t worry Michael, we will all be thankful with you.  This will keep you grateful.”  Grace and Magus chimed in, “Yeah! If we are grateful together, your heart’s desire is bound to come true.”

“Thanks Guys” said Michael, trying to keep the smile on his face. 

Looking at the clock on the wall, Chef said,”We better get going.”  “Grace, Michael and Magus would you like a lift home?” asked Chef.  Grace and Michel graciously accepted the ride.  Magus already had a ride waiting for him back to Gigi’s court. 

On the ride home, Prince Garrett extended Thanksgiving dinner invitations to Michael, his mom and Grace.

On Thanksgiving day, the castle was filled with familiar smells fit for a king. Prince Garrett was excited about his friends joining him for Thanksgiving dinner.

Michael was quiet during dinner.  “Would you like some dessert,” asked The Prince.  “No thank you,” said Michael sadly.  Prince Garrett asked Chef could he and the other kids could be excused.

The children tried to play games that would cheer Michael up.  Finally, they decided to ask him what was wrong. Michael started telling them how he felt that the magic box did not work.  Just then, Chef entered the room with a package and a note.

Michael, this package came for you yesterday.  I asked the guard to hold it for you and wanted to give it to you after dinner.  “Open it!” shouted Magus.

Michael open the note:

“Dear Son, upon my travel in Spain, I entered a small shop where a woman provided me with a wooden box. She said the box had arrived from the region near Milford Forrest. When she told me that, it made me think of you…so I purchased it for you.  I hope you like it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.50.27 PM

P.S. I will be home for Christmas.”

Love Dad  

Michael quickly open the package with the present his dad described, and saw that it was distinctly similar to the box in French Town, north of Milford Forrest.

Magus said, “That’s impossible.”  “It is impossible” said Michael. “See, I didn’t believe the thankful box would work, so I stopped being thankful.  My note said, that I wanted a letter from my Dad, letting me know he was okay and wanted to know when he was coming home.”

“How could it have worked?” Michael asked.

Chef exclaimed, that day in the shop we all said we would be thankful for you Michael. With tears in his eyes Michael replied “But I was not thankful”.  Grace said, “I was thankful that your dad would send word to you and your mom.”  Magus, said, “I was thankful that you would get a letter from your father.”  Prince Garrett said, “I was thankful that we would soon know when you could see your dad.” And Chef said, “I was thankful that your heart would be put turkeyto rest about your dad.  Michael, although you were not thankful, others were and we continue to be thankful together so that you may have your heart’s desire.  Sometimes, others have to continue believing even when you don’t.  Now that’s something to be thankful for.”

The children, Chef and Michael all had dessert and were thankful together.

The End


The Beautiful Book of Possibilities

August 4, 2014

Front Cover


New York, NY – Children’s author, motivational speaker and creator of the ever-growing “The Prince Garrett Series,” Jannie Pilgrim, takes readers on a new journey of adventure and discoveries with her latest book — The Beautiful Book of Possibilities. Inspired by her son Garrett’s love for reading, Pilgrim set out to create a story for children that emphasized the beauty of everyday miracles that can easily be missed amongst a busy world. From a caterpillar to a butterfly and a tadpole into a frog, The Beautiful Book of Possibilities opens up the world around us in an enchanting new tale as the main character Prince Garrett and his trusty companion his dog Zeus venture outside of their castle into the forest where they discover a world of possibilities.

“My intention was to create wonderfully illustrated picture books that made learning fun and that reinforced positive self-images. Like the main character Prince Garrett, I wanted all children to recognize their strength and realize their own potential,” says Pilgrim.
Pilgrim never imagined that her background as a Human Resource executive would eventually land her into writing children’s books. Inspired while walking together with her son and their dog through their neighborhood, Jannie would create stories to tell her precocious Garrett. These imaginative stories of a Prince named Garrett and his faithful companion Zeus quickly became treasured moments for both Jannie and her  son Garrett. So invaluable, that Pilgrim began to consider the possibility of children all over the world sharing in these same stories about the treasure buried within and the wealth of their own potential.

“The Prince Garrett Series” is a multimedia series that currently includes 3 books, sing-along companion songs and a game application app (“Adventures in Garrett Land”) that can be found on GooglePlay.
“Positive suggestions are exactly what children in today’s world need more than ever to make better choices. Especially, in the multicultural society that we now live, I also thought it was important to highlight a main character of color as we expose them to a whole world of possibilities.”

About the Author
Jannie Pilgrim is the founder of The Deal, LLC, a career consulting firm that provides transformative coaching to aide individuals in their pursuit of personal and career goals. Jannie also hosts a blog radio talk show under the same name, Jannie also serves on the Board of Directors of the New York Metro Chapter of the National Black MBA Association. Jannie holds a Master’s of Science in Human Resources and a postgraduate degree in Training and Development from the Milano Graduate School of The New School University. Jannie has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources, project management, talent acquisition and training development for Fortune 500 companies. Additional on the Prince Garrett Series can be found at


3 Destinations in the Palm of your Hand



The “Adventures in Garrett Land” game app welcomes kids into Prince Garrett’s world of books  -and it all fits in the palm of your hand.  Children can choose three places to visit in the “Adventures in Garrett Land” game.

(1) Milford forest is where children get to select which animals live in the forest. Not only is this fun, but children get to learn about nature.

(2) Prince Garrett’s castle is where they get to whip-up Prince Garrett’s favorite food, PANCAKES!  Prince Garrett adds fruit to the mix and then the fun begins.

(3) Kids also get to take a trip to Pilgrim’s Palm.  The palm shaped pond is where the kids help Mr. Bull Frog get his daily meal – DRANGONFLIES! The kids have to help in record time – before the clock runs out.


Adventures in Garrett Land is based on the Prince Garrett series of books.

Get your promotional FREE download here!


If you like it, please take a moment to rate it (or write a review) on the Googleplay.  Here’s the link  a link to write on GooglePlay.



10 Ways to Celebrate Our Favorite Books







1. Craft a bookmark: With some heavy paper or craft foam, you can make a fun bookmark that represents your child’s favorite book. Add crayons, markers, or stickers to help them add decorations!

2. Read Aloud with a parent: When your child finds a book that they absolutely love, read it with them. Take turns reading the pages aloud to each other.

3. Act it out: Plan a night with friends or family and act out a little play about the book. You can write up a script with a few of the ideas from the book to act out or just wing it! Everyone will love it. Plan to wear something too, decorating a costume with paper – like hats or a necklace label, or just with a certain color of clothing!

4. Write their own version of a story: Have the children re-write the story in their own words, changing up a couple of the scenes from the book. Maybe it has a new character or a different ending. Or you could give it a sequel if it doesn’t already have one… what would happen next?!

5. Get older kids reading to younger kids: I have 2 older children who love to read to their 5 year old sister. They sometimes help her read words she can recognize or even read the words for a chapter book. It’s good practice for all of them.

6. Keep a chart: If your child has a hard time getting into a book, one that will probably be one of their favorites, help them by making a chart to keep them going. You can offer a prize at the end of some sort. You could try out our post about a summer reading chart!

7. Watch the book’s movie: There are so many books that have been turned into movies. Check your local library, as they sometimes have children’s book in video format where the author reads the story as well. This is a fun and different way to see their favorite story and characters come to life.

8. Book signings near you: If you live in a larger city, often times a book’s author will be on a book tour. Go to the author’s website or the publisher and see if they have any upcoming tour dates near you!

9. Read all the books in a series: I love these days most of the books coming out are available in a series. There are a lot of 3, 4, or 5 books in chapter book series and my kids eat them up. Good ol’ Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Anne of Green Gables, Origami Yoda, Cheesie Mack, Ramona Quimby, Artemis Fowl, 39 Clues, etc.  If you can find a good book that your child loves, it’s great to find more in the series.

10. Read all the books by an author: This works well for both picture books and chapter books. Whatever book your child loves, there’s a big possiblity the author has written more books, either with the same theme or something new and different. Check the library or Good Reads to see reviews!

Written by Marie LeBaron