Prince Garrett lives in Garrett Land and loves playing with his dog Zeus (nicknamed Zuzu). The Prince Garrett stories began when the author, Jannie Pilgrim, would take Garrett for walks and tell him adventures about Garrett and Zeus. Garrett loved these stories so much that he wanted to hear them often and before bedtime. Jannie wanted to capture these stories and decided to write them into books – and thus, Prince Garrett was born.

Children all over the world should be able to learn, have fun, and to understand the potential of their possibilities.

By Jannie Pilgrim

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About The Author

Prince Garrett was created by Jannie Pilgrim. Jannie was inspired by Garrett, her precocious son, and his dog Zeus. Jannie would take walks with Garrett in Holland Township and tell Garrett stories of a Prince named Garrett and his faithful companion Zeus. These stories became favorites and she was encouraged to make them into books.

In addition to writing the Prince Garrett series, Jannie Pilgrim is the host of The Deal–a talk radio show and consulting service that provides career advice. The Deal was created out of a passion for helping people achieve personal career success.


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Prince Garrett’s Academy is a balance between childcare, creativity, and providing a learning environment for your child. Child care is an enormous obstacle for working parents seeking a safe and inclusive environment for children. We offer child care, physical activity, and movement, the fresh outdoors, and encourage the love of learning that children and parents can appreciate.

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