Prince Garrett’s Royal Fans

Prince Garrett Wall

Welcome Royals, here is where you discover all things new in Garrett Land with Prince Garrett and his dog Zeus (nicknamed Zuzu).   The Prince and his faithful companion awakens every morning and find themselves in the latest adventure.  Some of his adventures include what to have for breakfast, what miracles exist in the prince’s own backyard, creating one’s own adventure, and how one can create their own possibilities?  In addition to being filled with adventure, Garrett Land is also filled with music. Look to your right and you will find a music playlist of songs that can be heard throughout the royal world of Prince Garrett and friends!


This is a spooktacular time of the year for Prince Garrett and friends. Halloween is one of Prince Garrett’s favorite holidays and he would like to share his Haunted Halloween bash with you. Don’t get tricked out of putting this treat into your child’s Halloween basket.
Available October 17th, 2017!


Prince Garrett and the Land of EGOS


Prince Garrett receives a telescope for his birthday and discovers the distant land of Egos. He and Chef set out for their next adventure and discover things are not always as they seem.



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