Addressing COVID-19

I hope you and your family are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  
At Prince Garrett we strive to keep children reading, engaged, and thinking about the possibilities during these trying times.

We know the importance of reading and are providing Prince Garrett read-aloud sessions to 2nd – 4th graders. These sessions will be delivered through Zoom using TPR (Total Physical Response: use of body language to help convey meaning). This technique help students retain the main ideas of the reading.

In each session, the author will use puppets, ask encouraging questions, and prompt students to look for clues. I’m truly excited about delivering Prince Garrett readings to your students.  If you have questions or would like to schedule sessions with your students, send an email to


Prince Garrett’s Royal Fans

 Welcome Royals, here is where you discover all things new in Garrett Land with Prince Garrett and his dog Zeus (nicknamed Zuzu).   The Prince and his faithful companion awakens every morning and find themselves in the latest adventure.  Some of his adventures include what to have for breakfast, what miracles exist in the prince’s own backyard, creating one’s own adventure, and how one can create their own possibilities?  In addition to being filled with adventure, Garrett Land is also filled with music. Look to your right and you will find a music playlist of songs that can be heard throughout the royal world of Prince Garrett and friends!

The Purple Prince

 New children’s book The Purple Prince” helps families and caregivers handle the stress of caring for a newborn. 

A book the whole family can enjoy!

 One evening, the young prince begins to cry. It goes on for hours. Then the next day he cries even longer. The crying spells continue for weeks and into months, lasting hours at a time. The entire kingdom tries everything to get the prince to stop boohooing! What’s a royal family to do when the prince’s wailing is driving them cuckoo? 

The Purple Prince is a colorful tale of the Royal Family’s attempt to soothe their crying prince,and stop him from crying. 

The entire kingdom gets involved, trying everything they can to get the crying to stop! The colorful chronicle is loosely based on a true story and shares the challenges of families dealing with the Purple Crying Period. The book by Jannie Pilgrim was written to hopefully save lives, and help families get through this difficult time in child development. 

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