Garrett Land


Garrett Land is where Prince Garrett lives and where all of the fun and adventure begin. Garrett Land falls within the borders of a place called Holland.

When Prince Garrett was born, the King named the three-hundred acres Garrett Land, after his son, Prince Garrett. He knew that one day, Prince Garrett would be the humble King of this land. Prince Garrett lives in Garrett Land with Zeus, his family, and Chief. There is a forest called Milford in Garrett Land that is east of the castle. Milford Forest is where Mother Oak Tree and Beautiful Butterfly live.

In Holland there is a long narrow river that runs through Garrett Land. The river is the River of Possibilities. It is the river where the potentiality of things can happen. This river is a reminder to all living things in Holland and the universe that we are all connected. It is said that the River of Possibilities responds to our energy. If you look closely, you can see that patterns and crystal-like shapes will begin to form based on how you are feeling. The River of Possibilities is the river that Beautiful Butterfly’s Great Grandfather visited before starting his journey to his new home.Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.02.44 AM

Pilgrim’s Palm is also a favorite place in Garrett Land. This is where Mr. BullFrog lives in a palm-shaped pond called Pilgrim’s Palm. Pilgrim’s Palm is south of Prince Garrett’s castle.

Southwest of Pilgrim’s Palm you will find Frenchtown and GiGi’s Court. Frenchtown is where the people of Garrett Land live. GiGi’s Court is a royal court given to Duchess GiGi by her sister, the Queen of Holland.

Southeast of Frenchtown is the Eastwinds Forest. There the winds always blow to the east, causing all plant life to lean eastward.

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