Prince Garrett Academy

Where everything is possible

Prince Garrett Academy provides foreign languages, movement, world cultures, manners, and life skills.

Prince Garrett’s Academy is a balance between childcare, creativity, and providing a learning environment for your child. Child care is an enormous obstacle for working parents seeking a safe and inclusive environment for children. We offer child care, physical activity and movement, the fresh outdoors, and encourage the love of learning that children and parents can appreciate.


What We Do

We’re committed to helping provide safe and healthy learning environments for children and families in our class. We offer small classroom size and adhere to strict cleaning standards.

Whether your children is at PG Academy or is learning virtually, we’ve created interactive educational experience that fits your child and families needs.

Our private home school environment embraces this philosophy by nurturing children to explore and discover their interests through proven educational tools and play, so they become career-ready and life-ready.

Meet Jannie Pilgrim

Student Advocate

Jannie advocates for children learning and provides the support need for learning

Children’s Book Author

She is the author of the Prince Garrett Series of Books


As a parent, Jannie understands what’s like to work and need care for your child. She has taken from her own experience to provide child care with care at the center:

• Compassion

• Academics

• Rich in Culture and experiential learning.

• Environment that is save

Executive Director

Jannie is hands on with providing additional curriculum, and support for your child.

Jannie Pilgrim, Executive Director

Phone: 917-750-1738 email: Fax: 732-908-1487

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