3 Destinations in the Palm of your Hand



The “Adventures in Garrett Land” game app welcomes kids into Prince Garrett’s world of books  -and it all fits in the palm of your hand.  Children can choose three places to visit in the “Adventures in Garrett Land” game.

(1) Milford forest is where children get to select which animals live in the forest. Not only is this fun, but children get to learn about nature.

(2) Prince Garrett’s castle is where they get to whip-up Prince Garrett’s favorite food, PANCAKES!  Prince Garrett adds fruit to the mix and then the fun begins.

(3) Kids also get to take a trip to Pilgrim’s Palm.  The palm shaped pond is where the kids help Mr. Bull Frog get his daily meal – DRANGONFLIES! The kids have to help in record time – before the clock runs out.


Adventures in Garrett Land is based on the Prince Garrett series of books.

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