5 Star Review – Breakfast for a Prince

Breakfast for a Prince is a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated picture book and it’s just in time for Christmas!   Prince Garrett and is dog Zeus find themselves in a breakfast dilemma. Can Chef make a breakfast that’s fit for a prince?  Buy now to find out. Click Here!
My daughter and I enjoyed sharing this book very much. The illustrations are superb and the story is a fun read. I highly recommend this book for all families. We are already looking forward to the rest of Prince Garrett’s adventures!!
Prince Garrett dreams of pancakes and his chef makes them for him each morning. The illustrations are kid friendly and adorable.
This is such a cute book. Very nice to see diversity in children’s book. Both having the main character be a Prince instead of a princess and a child of color. beautifully done. I’m getting copies for my 5 Godchildren.
Ruby Wilson
Jannie Pilgrim captures, with childlike imagination, a child’s amazing and purposeful adventure–with lessons adults can appreciate! Looking forward to sharing with my three children the entire Prince Garrett Series!!!

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