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This week PG is giving away a free Audiobook of “The Beautiful Book of Possibilities” Click here to to

The Beautiful Book Of Possibilities
The Beautiful Book Of Possibilities

Going Places with AudioBooks – Go to the land of Possibilities it FREE!

AUDIOBOOKS COUPLED WITH BOOKS  can be a fun and exciting way to get your child into the love of reading.  The benefits of audiobooks can be used to:

  • Introduce students to books above their reading level
  • Model good interpretive reading
  • Teach critical listening
  • Highlight the humor in books
  • Introduce new genres that students might not otherwise consider
  • Introduce new vocabulary or difficult proper names or locales
  • Provide a read-aloud model
  • Provide a bridge to important topics of discussion for parents and children who can listen together while commuting to sporting events, music lessons, or on vacations
  • Recapture “the essence and the delights of hearing stories beautifully told by extraordinarily talented storytellers”
  • Additionally, many audiobooks are read by the author

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Audiobooks are not always easy to find – Prince Garrett’s multimedia series vision is to meet your child through their experiences. Here are a few quick tips to get your child started with audiobook.

  1. Elevate the reading experience.  This can be done by having the physical book available with the audio book.  You can purchase “The Beautiful Book of Possibilities” here.
  2. Sit with your child and read with the audiobook.  This reinforces the joy of reading.  This also provides quality time with your child.
  3. Repeat this process. Children need consistency.  This also builds reading confidence. They will feel confident as they become more familiar with the material.  It will increase the chances that s/he will want to read the book by themselves.
  4. Have your child read to his/her toys or pet.  Now that you have spent time reading with your child, ask them to pay-it-forward and read to their favorite toy or family pet.  Help them set up the environment. Position the pet/toys; give them the book and press play on the audiobook.

Follow these steps and you will grow their reading experience – and watch your little reader blossom!

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