Is Listening to Audiobooks Cheating?

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Will my child miss out on something if I play an auto book?

Listening to an audiobook doesn’t have to be “cheating” or a “shortcut.”  Not today.  Here are a few ways to have your prince or princess enjoy the magic of audiobooks.

1. The first few times hang out with your child and listen to audiobooks together.  Have the book in hand and point to the words and they are heard through your audio device.

2. While cooking or doings routine activities around the house, have the audio book playing in the background. It’s amazing what children will pick up when you think they are not listening.

3. While the children are in bed getting ready to go to sleep for the evening, play audio books.  Your child will go to sleep with a wonderful story in their head and their dreams.

4. Play your child’s favorite audio book often.  When books have positive messaging children can embrace the values.  Later discuss the stories and its values.  This goes a long way with children. They need to know you care and you’re listening.

Audiobook narrators often breathe new life into books with their amazing nuanced interpretations.  This also allows children to experience books on multiple levels.  Audiobooks, should not replace books.  They can enhance the reading experience in our children’s lives.

Coming soon – The Beautiful Book of Possibilities in Audio!

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