Prince Garrett on Broadway


On Saturday, August 16,  Prince Garrett and friends enjoyed a day of music, games and of course story time.  The looks on the kids faces were priceless. The parents were engaged too.  That’s the most important part of a child’s development, parent engagement. 

Parents that take an active role in their child’s learning are more likely to have engaged children with higher reading levels.  They are sending a message that learning and education are important! The Prince Garrett series sends the same message.

The Beautiful Book of Possibilities and the Prince Garrett book series teaches children that possibilities are endless and life’s treasures are not really hidden.  We only have to take a moment to look and appreciate them.  These messages are important on many levels:

1.  Interconnectedness: We are all connected to our world and each other

2.  Gratefulness: Show appreciation for what we have makes us grateful and allows room for greater abundance

3.  The Potentially of our desires becoming actual – what you believe you can achieve

Fun and positive messaging was woven into the event, Prince Garrett on Broadway at the Book Culture. In the words of Prince Garrett “Sometimes we need someone to point out our possibilities” and my intention is to do just that; point out what’s possible for our children!


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