Prince Garrett’s Halloween Bash

Prince Garrett invited all his friends to a Halloween masquerade party. The grand ballroom of the castle was decorated with orange and black crepe paper, balloons, and spider webs. The table was loaded with pumpkin pies, pumpkin dip, and all sorts of delicious and healthy treats that Chef created.

halloween“Chef, this looks awesome,” said Prince Garrett. “I especially like the giant pumpkin monster you carved in the center of the table.” “Thank you, Prince Garrett,” said Chef. “What do you think of my boonnana ghosts with dark chocolate eyes and marshmallow mouth?”

“I love them! ” replied the Prince. “This will be the best Halloween Party ever.”
“Speaking of the party, your guests should be arriving soon. You better get into your costume.”
As soon as the words left Chef’s month – the doorbell rang, and the first guests arrived.

The mummy entered the ghostly ball and began eating deviled eggs with olive eyes.
“Quickly, Chef, can you help me get into my costume?” The Prince looked around and could not find the elaborate outfit that the royal tailor had spun together. “Where’s my costume?” asked the Prince. “It was laying right here over the arm of the chair… hmmmm,” said Chef in a puzzled tone.

“I can’t join the ball without my costume,” cried Prince Garrett.
“It must be here somewhere,” Chef replied. Suddenly, both Chef and Prince Garrett heard a growling sound from under the bed. They knelt to see who or what was making that growling noise. To their surprise, Magus’ dog and Grace’s cat were pulling on what was left of the costume. “OH NO!” shouted Prince Garrett. “My costume is ruined.” “WHAT WILL I WEAR!” exclaimed the Prince.

“I have an idea,” said Chef. Then Chef took off Prince Garrett’s crown and placed it on the table. He grabbed a pair of scissors nearby, pulled a white sheet from the Prince’s bed and placed it over his head. Chef, then moved the sheet around so that the two holes he had cut near the center were now aligned with the Prince’s eyes.

“You look just like a ghost,” said Chef. “Can you tell that it is me?” said the Prince, I read that at a masquerade party you have to guess who is behind the mask or costume.”  “I don’t think anyone will guess that you are under the sheet. Now, I better answer the door. We do not want to keep our guests waiting,” said Chef, as he rushed toward the door. “Oh, I almost forgot…, I will ring the bell when it’s time for you to make your grand entrance.” Then Chef left the room to meet the new guests.

Prince Garrett eager to meet his guests, decided not to wait for Chef to ring the bell. He went down stairs to mingle with his friends. “Besides, no one will know who I am with this ghost costume,” he thought to himself.  The doorbell rang and the Prince hid behind the ballroom door so the new arrivals would not see him. The door creaked as he slowly opened it. Then he jumped out from behind the door and shouted “BOO!” It was Grace, dressed up as a witch, without her mask on. “Oh, hi Prince Garrett,” said Grace “I hope I am not too late. I wanted to come earlier to help set up, but I could not seem to find my cat. She disappeared and I guessed that she came by here without me to play with Zeus and Magus’ dog…”  Prince Garrett interrupted, “Were you not scared at all, how did you know it was me?”  “I was not scared because I knew it was you.

Prince Garrett began to ask again, how she knew it was him. Just then, one of his guests pulled Prince Garrett over to the pumpkin center piece.“Boy, Chef has certainly outdone himself this time – don’t you think PG?”
The doorbell rang again. This time, Grace put her mask on and both Prince Garrett and Grace went to answer the door. “P-Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.18.35 PMPrince Ga-garrett?” said Magus as he cautiously limped into the entryway.

“BOO!” shouted Grace as she jumped from behind the door.

“Ahiee!” screamed Magus. “You scared me!”

“Ha ha! We scare you?” asked the Prince.
“No, Grace scared me; she looks like a real witch,” said Magus. Before Prince Garrett could ask his cousin how he knew who he was, Grace asked Magus, “What are you dressed up as? You look like you died in an accident… last week.”  “I’m a zombie. What do you think?” asked Magus.
“Interesting,” said Grace, “Just do not sit across from me at the table. I do not want to lose my appetite.”

One by one, the rest of the guests arrived, and each time Prince Garrett tried to surprise them with his costume, no one was surprised. After everyone had eaten, they played fun games like bobbing for apples, pinning the wart on the witch, and dancing around the witches hat.

Then, Chef gathered everyone around the table so he could tell them a ghost story. There was only a single candle in the middle of the table lighting the room with an eerie glow.  “Prince Garrett asked me to tell you this story to make a memorable ending to this Halloween party. Did you know this castle is haunted by a ghost?” asked Chef. Everyone shook their heads and looked scared.
“It is the ghost of the goblin, Pumpkinhead. A long-time ago, Prince Garrett’s great-grandfather defeated Pumpkinhead in a great battle, but every Halloween, Pumpkinhead returns to the castle seeking revenge.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.13.23 PMJust then, a gust of wind blew into the room as the front door suddenly swung open, blowing the candle out. Everyone looked to the open door and saw a white ghost with the glowing head of a pumpkin, making a horrible frown with jagged teeth.  “Where is PRINCE GARRETT?” the ghost bellowed.  “It’s PUMPKINHEAD!” someone shouted and everyone screamed, turned, and pointed to Prince Garrett.

Prince Garrett quickly stood, facing Pumpkinhead. All eyes were on him, wondering what he would say. Prince Garrett slowwwly opened his mouth and said… “How does everyone know that it’s me?” The lights came on and everyone shouted… “You are wearing your crown!”

Pumpkinhead laughed so hard that his head fell off revealing that he was the town baker!

They all laughed at the prank and told Prince Garrett that “he had the best costume ever!”

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