The Best Gift to give your children this year for Christmas is the gift of imagination

The Beautiful Book Of Possibilities
The Beautiful Book Of Possibilities








On Saturday, November 22nd, join Prince Garrett in welcoming Santa to Phillipsburg Mall.  In  celebration of Santa’s arrival, author Jannie Pilgrim will be reading from her Prince Garrett series of books and providing fun activities for children of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, join Prince Garrett and his friends, along with the dancing Ballerina and toy soldier and get into the holiday spirit.

Christmas is full of possibilities and Pilgrim’s “The Beautiful Book of Possibilities” is a story that captures the wonders that exist duringchristmas G and zeus with present the holidays and into the New Year!  Jannie Pilgrim takes readers on a new journey of adventure and discoveries with the Prince Garrett series. Inspired by her son Garrett’s love for reading, Pilgrim set out to create a story for children that emphasizes the beauty of everyday miracles that otherwise might easily be missed amongst a busy world. From a caterpillar that morphs into a butterfly or a tadpole that becomes a bullfrog, The Beautiful Book of Possibilities opens up the world around us in an enchanting new tale. Prince Garrett and his trusty dog companion Zeus, venture outside of their castle into the forest where they discover a world of possibilities and miracles all before the start of breakfast.

The event will take place at:

Phillipsburg Mall 1200 US Highway 22, Phillipsburg NJ 08865

November 22,  12:00PM – 2:00 PM – Santa’s House at Center Court

Signed books will be available

The Prince Garrett series is available on, (Barnes and Noble), and local book stores.


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