You Think He’s Spooky?

Jannie with frankenstein bitstrip

Halloween can be a fun time for the little ones.  I wanted to do something fun for the kids and share some information about my upcoming children’s book, The Beautiful Book of Possibilities.  To accomplish both, I created a video in tribute to Mr. Bullfrog, one of the characters in the Prince Garrett series of books.

Mr. Bullfrog is king of a pond in Milford Forrest, and he can be misunderstood.  My video, “Bullfrog’s Anthem” show’s Jeremiah (Mr. Bullfrog) in a new light.   Through a loved nursery rhyme, Mr. Bullfrog raps about the importance of school.  Don’t let his green skin and spooky voice fool you;  Jeremiah is a fun amphibian! Click here to check him out.

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