Casting Call of The Beautiful Book of Possibilities!

On Casting Call in New York City

The Beautiful Book of Possibilities!

The Musical

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Looking for all nationalities and ages from age 18-80
• Actors
• Singers
• Dancers

Send photo or video to: JANNIE.PILGRIM@THEDEALFM.COM or


Prince Garrett: A young prince, full of possibility and optimism, whose playful spirit leads him to seek adventures. You can always find him with his faithful canine companion, Zeus, affectionately called Zuzu.

Mr. Bull Frog: A robust frog, the King of the Pond in Milford Forest.

Mother Oak Tree: A grand, wise oak with hundreds of years of wisdom and experience. She often humors Prince Garrett but has the utmost respect for the young prince and the forest, as a whole. Her philosophy for longevity in life is, “One should bend, but not break.”

Beautiful Butterfly: Also known as BeBe, this majestic butterfly is descended from royalty, but she humbly understands sometimes there must be a struggle in order to break free of what is holding us back.

Chef: A sage (wise man) who provides Prince Garrett with guidance to help him make sound decisions.

No Neck: A wisecracking frog from Pilgrim’s Palm in Milford Forest.

Dim Wit: A not-so-bright frog from Pilgrim’s Palm in Milford Forest.

Bug Eye: A playful frog from Pilgrim’s Palm in Milford Forest.

Doubting Thomas: A negative elf-like character in Milford Forest.

Mo Moth: Beautiful Butterfly’s great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. Through his determination, all butterflies were created.

Band of Moths: Group of 5 – 10 moths.

Luna Moth: Mo Moth’s Cousin 1. (Has a solo dance number.)

Silky Moth: Mo Moth’s Cousin 2.

Twenty Froggies: A group of dancing frogs.


Based on the book, The Beautiful Book of Possibilities by Jannie Pilgrim.


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Know the stroy, discover the possibilites!

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