Unique Valentine’s Day Kids Worksheets Activities And Printables

Unique Valentine's Day Kids Worksheets Activities And Printables

If you’re a teacher, mom, or homeschooler you might be looking for Valentine’s Day worksheets, activities, and printables to share with your students. The fun Valentine Day worksheet will introduce your children to some fun and new projects. During these hard days, it’s even more important to keep your child engaged and productive in developing their cognitive and mental skills and emotional development. Creative products can be stimulating, leads to mental growth, sparks new ideas, brings out new ways of thinking, and aids in problem-solving. 

In my new book,  “I Love You No Matter What” children see themselves on every page.  It gives them permission to be imaginative and explore the world through positive affirmation and self-talk.

Its beautifully designed illusions and vidid photos introduces new ideas that boost self-esteem. The Valentine’s Day kids sheets are fun and contain concepts to spark critical thinking skills. 

The Valentine’s Day Kids Worksheets is full of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).  The bundle includes: 

  • Activity/worksheets (in Color & Black/White)
  • Teacher instructions (in Color & Black/White)
  • “I Love You No Matter What!” ebook
  • Affirmations and worksheets to build self-esteem and self-respect
  • Creative writing assignments
  • Valentine’s Day card color activity (to be given as a gift)
  • Fill in the blank spelling activity game
  • The All About You activity is for your students to learn about a family member.
  • The Jar of Me is a creative writing exercise that encourages students to practice using their imaginations and self-reflect.
  • Measure my heartline is Valentine’s Day measuring game

What’s the “I Love You No Matter What” ebook? Affirmations! Affirmations are a great way to help a child feel confident and make them feel that they can take on the world. When teachers and parents help speak powerful words into children, they feel more capable and will be more willing to take on new challenges. Through the book and affirmations worksheets, students will learn to speak powerful words of self-encouragement and learn how to write their own affirmations.  I “Love You No Matter What!”, is a great book for anti-bullying, valentine’s day, and for everyday use.

Affirmations Worksheet

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen and build upon the confidence that the student has.  With the ebook and worksheets, your child is on their way to creating the world they want and having the skills to get them there.

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