Tips for getting your kids to read more


There are a million good reasons to get your kids to read more.  The challenge however, is actually getting them to do it.

“Reading is one of those things that actually improves kids’ academic success in all subjects,” said Caroline Knorr, parenting editor for Common Sense Media.


The world is very different from the one children grew up in 30 years ago, with more distractions and arguably more homework vying for children’s attention.

Want to get your child to read more? Here are some tips:

Keep books in your home: Having books easily accessible is the first step in getting your child to read more. That includes both print books and e-books. According to Common Sense Media, recent studies say more than half of U.S. kids are reading digital books at least once a week.


Set aside time to read: According to the report, among children who are frequent readers, 57% of parents set aside time each day for their child to read, compared to 16% of parents of children who are infrequent readers.


Read yourself: By modeling good behavior, parents can encourage their own kids to read. “You’ve got to walk the walk,”!


Help kids connect: If you can find a story line that your child may relate to, in anything from classics to graphic novels to bilingual books, that may encourage them to read more. Kids will read what they’re interested in.


Tie in movies, music or video games:  If you plan on watching a movie, playing a video game, or listening to music that’s tied to a book –  have them read the books first — if they haven’t already. “You can then talk about the movie, music or game.  Ask them what they think.  Get their opinions.   A great source is Prince Garrett Reading Tool Kit.  Children can continue to connect reading the books by playing the FREE video Game, music, and the books.


Encourage “pocket reading”: There are forms of reading beyond books that can be of value. “If a full book is too daunting for your kid and they’re not going to read – look information that they are interested in and read it on line or print out the information and you can read it together.


Source of most information is from : Meredith Deliso


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