Why Use Children’s Literature for ESL Students?



Breakfast for a Prince uses good pictures and universal language for ESL Students

Good pictures are as close to universal language as the world is likely to get…picture books are an invaluable aid to communication across linguistic lines.

Here are the top reasons why Children’s books help ESL learn English:

• Engagement that’s not intimidating

• Children’s books have universal themes

• Simple language

• Manageable story length

• Illustrations make it fun and engaging

• Increase vocabulary in context

• Helps with skills and strategy development

• Integration of language skills: reading, listening, and speaking

• Creates heightened interest in books and reading

• Cultural knowledge (Western and other cultures)

• Multicultural stories – students see themselves, adds to connecting with story

• Exposure to literary terms and appreciation of literature

•Figurative language and cultural metaphors

• Visual art appreciation

• It’s FUN !




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